Foil printing

Stunning and multifunctional

Foil printing is not only used for embellishment, but also as a fully fledged printing technique on paper and synthetic materials. You can choose from over 70 self-adhesive labels with a variety of adhesive agents. Permanent labels, removable labels and labels suitable for use in freezers are all available. Around 50 matt, glossy or metallic printing colours are available. With a maximum delivery time of five days, we provide further proof that we are lightning fast.



A wealth of opportunities

Foil printing is a high-pressure printing technique which uses a magnesium printing plate. The plate is heated and can print the foil onto almost any surface. We have more than 20 Newfoil machines, all of which are in perfect condition. This impressive range of machinery enables printing of metallic colours (such as gold and silver) and digitally pre-printed labels, roll-to-sheet printing, single or multi-line printing and laminating.