Eye-catching and luxurious

We produce all kinds of cards, from labels with or without barcodes to luxury business cards. This can be done using a wide variety of techniques, including foil printing. This gives your cards the same look as your labels, which is always a nice touch. All foil-printing colours are possible and delivery times are shorter than you think. The most attractive results can be achieved with refined printing. Using our high-pressure Heidelberg press, Vila can embellish your printed corporate identity with attractive foil printing. This makes your prints more eye-catching and luxurious.


Functional cards to luxury cards

We can provide a diverse range of cards (labels, business cards, promotional savings cards etc) in a wide variety of ways. Our HP Indigo and Heidelberg presses enable us to create everything from functional cards to luxury cards. The Heidelberg press has a foil-printing unit which allows embellishment of printing. Of course, this is not exclusively restricted to card printing. Embellishment makes your prints more eye-catching and luxurious.