Blank labels

From stock or custom made

We always have a large assortment of blank labels in stock. These labels have a standard core, usually 76mm in diameter. The maximum outer diameter is 200mm as standard. Naturally, the rolls can be adjusted in accordance with your wishes. Blank labels with a specific shape or colour can be delivered almost as quickly as the labels in our standard product range. We can supply both large and small batches. The delivery time for the standard product range is 24 hours, and the delivery time for custom-made orders is 48 hours or above.



Problem-free printing

For large batches of blank labels, we use our Omega machines. We supply professional rolls that fit your printers perfectly. Smaller batches of blank labels are created on our Newfoil machines. We press labels from 6x5mm to 300x440mm. Thanks to our extensive capacity, our delivery times are always fast.