Digital printing

No plate costs

Digital printing is perfect for full-colour printing of self-adhesive labels in rolls, sheets or individually cut with backslits. In order to speed up the service even more, we have a large number of dies in stock, although any other formats are possible. Delivery takes place digitally and there are no plate costs. Delivery time: 5 days following approval of the sample.


The finest of details

The technology of our HP Indigo machines is unparalleled. With regard to colour and density, the specially developed ElectroInks are comparable in quality with offset printing. The colour range is greater thanks to seven IndiChrome colours. We use CMYK in addition to the colours violet, orange, green and opaque white. The sealing is always 100% thanks to the unique system that transfers the entire design of the image onto the material in one go rather than one colour at a time.