EPB becomes part of the Optimum Group!

The first acquisition in Belgium and the addition of the shrink sleeve specialism

Press release
Alkmaar/Wellen, June 2017

Express Printing Business (EPB), a specialist in the production of shrink sleeves and self-adhesive labels, situated in Belgium,
will become part of the Dutch top-3 player in the market of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging solutions; the Optimum Group.
The addition of EPB, already the 6th acquisition, suits the multi-annual strategic growth plan which aims for upscaling, product range
extension and internationalisation. EPB's management will remain responsible for the day-to-day management tasks and will assume
a position in the central steering committee chaired by a 4-member group management team.

Strategic rationale

  • EPB's addition results in a unique combination of expertise in UV flexo & offset rotation printing and digital printing for a wide product range
    that includes items like self-adhesive labels, printed banderoles, booklet & multi-layer labels, flexible packaging and, from now on, also
    shrink sleeves.
  • The Optimum Group currently consists of 5 member companies, namely; Etiket Nederland, Vila Etiketten, W&R Etiketten,
    Speciaal drukkerij Max. Aarts, all situated in the Netherlands and EPB situated in Belgium. The prior acquisition of Etipro has now been
    fully integrated with Etiket Nederland.
  • The member companies all have their own unique product/market combination and future investments are based on the implementation
    of further specialisation & positioning within the group.
  • Through the combination of decentralised, specialised operations and central group functions for sales, finance and staff services, one
    successful, rapidly growing and decisive organisation has developed, which maintains close ties with its clients.
  • Together, the Optimum Group companies are capable of providing their existing clients with even better service. The benefits to new and
    existing clients include the wider range of products, improved service because of the single combined sales organisation and increased
    flexibility due to the combined production locations.
  • With EPB's arrival, existing activities in Belgium can be expanded and the rapidly-growing shrink sleeves product group can be added to
    the range of products.
  • The bundling of forces results in a strong and rapidly growing top-3 player in the Benelux market for self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging
    solutions with a scope of nearly €60 million in revenue, 260 employees, and an up-to-date machinery fleet which includes 19 UV flexo & offset
    rotation printing presses and 7 digital machines spread across 5 locations.

'Both parties are very enthusiastic about the growth possibilities related to the new bundling of forces. The combination of knowledge, techniques and
specialisms give us particular reason to see possibilities for shrink sleeves for the European market and self-adhesive labels for the Belgian market,'
explain Edouard Nolens, Director of EPB, and Bart de Boer, Group Managing Director of the Optimum Group.

More details on the transaction

  • The individual company names (Etiket Nederland, Vila Etiketten, W&R Etiketten, Speciaal drukkerij Max. Aarts and EPB) will continue to exist
    alongside each other and each company is 'a member company of' the Optimum Group.
  • The companies continue to operate independently and remain at their current locations.
  • The service provision by Etiket Nederland, Vila Etiketten, W&R Etiketten, Speciaal drukkerij Max. Aarts and EPB, to their respective clients,
    will be carefully safeguarded.
  • The companies' management will continue to be directly involved in their operations and will become jointly responsible for the entire group.
    The group of companies will be headed by a 4-member group management team from the Optimum Group;

Bart de Boer                 (Group Managing Director)
André Prophitius          (Group Marketing Director)
Erik Smit                      (Group Sales Director)
Harm Verheggen          (Group Finance Director)


For questions and information please contact:

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